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Paul Leni also worked on designing various films with May at Continental, including Ein Ausgestoßener and Das Panzergewölbe.

Ernst Reicher starred in May's second film, Vorglühen des Balkanbrandes (The Balkan Traitors), in early 1914.

The studio's film production dropped considerably after around 1915.

The Weissensee studio was acquired by Film-Atelier Gmb H (FAG) in 1919, and was subsequently leased out to other production companies, including Decla-Bioscop who made The Cabinet of Dr. Walter Schmidthässler (also Schmidt-Häßler) was an actor who had worked with the Meiningen Ensemble at the Meiningen Court Theatre before turning author and film scriptwriter.

He wrote the screenplays for at least five Continental films, mostly psychological melodramas: Der Mann in der Flasche; Das ist der Krieg; and Entsagungen.

On 12 February 1912 Continental-Kunstfilm moved into the old Deutsche Vitascope studio at 123 Chausseestraße, vacated when Greenbaum moved all his Vitascope production facilities to 32-34 Lindenstraße.

Byline: GORDONBARR HEATON Park's annual silent lm night this year presents a very special evening.

It will feature the perfect pairing of one of the most beautiful and inuential horror lms of all time, e Cabinet of Dr Caligari, with a new soundtrack performed live by Olivier award winner and Tiger Lillies front man, Martyn Jacques.

Rippert later directed Homunculus, an early science fiction film.

Before Harry Piel turned to acting he directed a handful of films for Continental in 1912-1913.

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