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What was once a fuzzy mass of psychological theories now becomes organized and specific when viewed through my Behavior Model.

Many other people have proposed ways to understand persuasion and behavior change, dating back to Aristotle in ancient Greece.

In addition, he devotes at least half his time to industry projects and innovations, all of which focus on using technology to change behaviors in positive ways.

BJ is the author of Using my Behavior Model (FBM) as a guide, designers can identify what stops people from performing behaviors that designers seek.

We call this the “Good Habits Project.” You can find more at habits.

At my lab’s main website, you can find projects we’ve done over the last 15 years.

He received some help from running backs Stephen Carr and Ronald Jones II, who both went for over 100 yards on the ground.

After Stanford was forced to punt on the opening drive of the game, both offenses would go to work over the rest of the first half.

I call this “Behavior Design.”I devote about 50% of my time to Stanford and 50% to industry innovation.

Its ensuing drive went 75 yards on just seven plays with Jones and Carr doing all of the work.

Jones finished things off with a 23-yard touchdown run.

Running back Bryce Love, who came into his junior season with the unenviable task of replacing Christian Mc Caffrey, has acclimated himself nicely through two games.

Love finished with 160 rushing yards and one touchdown on 17 carries, including 141 yards in the first half.

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It was the Cardinal's only sustained drive of the second half.

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