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Obviously I didn't know he would "win," but I remember thinking that he probably would.At least in my liberal state of Oregon, which is all that really matters when deciding how to vote tactically.I was as frustrated with Clinton and Gore as the next person, but I had no desire whatever to vote for George W. Ill admit that one of the reasons I pulled the lever for Nader was to punish the Democrats for being lame.(I also didnt expect Bush to win, or I surely would have voted for Gore.) I like to think Ive changed since 2000.This partly explains, I think, why Bush Hatred never infected me as much as it did some other people.I had to look at him long and hard and honestly before I could risk putting him in the White House.Samuel: If you lived in Florida in 2000 and foresaw the outcome would you still have voted for Nader? Bush wasn't half as extremist as his worst critics contended.And I realized this before he was even elected, or I would have been too afraid to vote for Nader.

If you lived in Florida in 2000 and foresaw the outcome would you still have voted for Nader? He was the one who convinced me that there wasn't a huge difference between Gore and Bush.You've stopped short of saying all of this about me, too. I understand as clearly as I ever did the problems of globalization.(Sweat shops, etc.) What I've learned in the meantime are the positive aspects of it. I haven't written about this much because I've ended up in a place that's so neutral it's probably boring to read about. I do have an article in the queue at Tech Central Station on this subject, though, so I'm not being totally silent about it. 9/11 had nothing to do with me changing my mind about economic globalizatoin.So you protest their liberal-dogma by voting for Mr. Steve, election models had Gore winning 53%, maybe the Nader factor caused some difference.As someone with a fair amount of experience in polling I will say that when neither polls better than 50% there are votes up for grabs for sure. Sounds like you’ve been sharing jokes with my Father. Grant to me Michael is a "War Liberal" in other words a liberal who puts Hawkish survival and perhaps globalism first. ;) Grant: Your frustrations w/ the Democratic Party theoretically, I assume, came from them being too dogmatic and rigid in their liberalism. When I said my views haven't changed much, I meant in the realm of foreign policy.

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Yeah, I know, this is hugely simplistic, but more or less true. SO WHAT IN THE HELL WERE YOU DOING VOTING FOR RALPH NADER?!

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