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In 1958, the bank introduced the Bank Americard, which changed its name to Visa in 1977.

A consortium of other California banks introduced Master Charge (now Master Card) to compete with Bank Americard.

Bank of Italy was renamed on November 3, 1930 to Bank of America National Trust and Savings Association, which was the only such designated bank in the United States of America at that time.

Giannini and Monnette headed the resulting company, serving as co-chairs.[citation needed]Branch banking was introduced by Giannini shortly after 1909 legislation in California that allowed for branch banking in the state.

However, federal banking regulators prohibited Bank of America's interstate banking activity, and Bank of America's domestic banks outside California were forced into a separate company that eventually became First Interstate Bancorp, later acquired by Wells Fargo and Company in 1996.

In 1953, regulators succeeded in forcing the separation of Transamerica Corporation and Bank of America under the Clayton Antitrust Act.

The passage of the Bank Holding Company Act of 1956 prohibited banks from owning non-banking subsidiaries such as insurance companies.

It was not until the 1980s with a change in federal banking legislation and regulation that Bank of America was again able to expand its domestic consumer banking activity outside California.

New technologies also allowed credit cards to be linked directly to individual bank accounts.

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It sold its Finance America subsidiary to Chrysler and the brokerage firm Charles Schwab and Co. By the time of the 1987 stock market crash, Bank America's share price had fallen to $8, but by 1992 it had rebounded mightily to become one of the biggest gainers of that half-decade. The company acquired its California rival, Security Pacific Corporation and its subsidiary Security Pacific National Bank in California and other banks in Arizona, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington (which Security Pacific had acquired in a series of acquisitions in the late 1980s).

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