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Ivan Gren has "a few [items of] equipment of foreign origin" he said, noting that "the issue of import substitution is being solved for the second ship".

Vlasov also revealed that Ivan Gren , laid down in 2004, will finally be commissioned in 2015 after a troubled build programme.

Especially given the emergence of lightweight tails that have given very modest hulls a convergence zone capability.

Hulls that, where they feature an aviation capability, may not have huge fuel, sparing and crew facilities for sub hunting choppers.

If the shipyard is capable, this could be big for the Russian navy's modernization pace, and a truly useful asset past the current policy of subsidizing Crimea. The Ukrainian Government had approved a defence programme for building ten ships-class corvettes in March 2009, however, due to budget limits the project has been reassumed to building only four ships. Unless they have half-finished hull around (and maybe not even then), unlikely they'd bother with yet another corvette class vessel.Guess it's form of economic support for the region. Ukraine Navy to Receive Four Corvettes by 2021 ^ | 17 March 2011 Posted on ‎17‎-‎3‎-‎2011‎ ‎13‎:‎47‎:‎43 by sukhoi-30mki Ukraine Navy to Receive Four Corvettes by 2021 17 March 2011 The Ukrainian Defence Ministry has plans to spend bn on four indigenous corvettes by 2021, Ukraine Defence Minister Mikhail Yesel said.Hey, if they decide to repair KERCH, maybe they can do it there? Maybe the export boats, or maybe even a few 20630s. The lead ship is expected to be constructed in 2016 in the Mykolaiv-based Black Sea Shipyard.And 6 22350 is all that might be built before this rumored further evolved 22350 shows up.And seeing this video on concern agat's youtube page.

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