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Former CIA officer Bob Baer credited the Saudi royal family's consensus-based approach to rule for preventing a war with Iran up until now, warning Mohammed bin Salman's purge made the country's future stability less certain."The Al Saud [ruling family of Saudi Arabia] have survived all these years, thanks to a remarkable and unbreakable consensus among their ranks and has avoided war with Iran," said Baer."Going after such 'big fish' is intended by MBS and his allies in Abu Dhabi as a signal of MBS' newly-established sultanistic powers," he said, using the widely-used acronym for Mohammed bin Salman and referring to his close ties to the leaders of the United Arab Emirates."By going after the richest, whether fellow princes or media moguls and construction magnates, MBS is demonstrating that nobody is outside his control, as he is now at the top of a more authoritarian, 'one-man regime', with the old consensus-based, dynastic monarchy of the past century having effectively collapsed at some point earlier this year." Analysts said this week's purge by Mohammed bin Salman could potentially alienate members of the wider Al Saud family at a time when the country struggles to balance its finances amid sustained low oil prices.

The video, presented by a masked IS fighter, has been shared thousands of times by extremists. The tutorial, used by Manchester Arena bomber Salman Abedi, also shows how best to kill someone with a knife.It features an ISIS fighter standing at a kitchen counter, as if presenting a cookery show, explaining how to build a bomb using common ingredients.The video has been shared thousands of times on platforms such as Google Drive and Google Photos since it resurfaced a fortnight ago.dismantling a decades-old system of consensus rule, analysts, including ex-top US intelligence officers, have told Al Jazeera.Since replacing his cousin Mohammed bin Nayef in June as first in line to succeed King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the 32-year-old has embarked on a campaign to consolidate power, taking on rivals within the Saudi royal family and religious activists.

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"No one wants to see a war in the region especially given that Iran is not a small country, is an economic power, has its own clear identity and has the support of its population," he added.

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